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The I-Bullet charger is a low-cost, stand-alone unit designed for use with strings of 1 to 4 lithium ion cells or 1 to 14 nickel metal hydride cells. The nominal charge current is factory set to 1000mA, though other values are available on a special order basis. The unit has a universal input for worldwide use and a standard 6-foot output cable. Lithium ion versions are terminated in a 2.5mm DC plug while the nickel metal hydride version is terminated in bare wires. Other options are also available.

When used with lithium ion cells, the I-Bullet can simultaneously charge a cell string and power a piece of host equipment, provided that the equipment draws less than 500mA nominally. This allows the I-Bullet to be permanently attached to the host product and act as its sole power source. The charging process will restart as needed to keep the cells full. When the cells are full, current is terminated in order to promote long cell life.


This charger is available in many configurations. A popular choice is the:

IB-08400-000 (Single two cell battery charger with a North American line cord)
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